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Just the Right Size Self Storage Units in Surrey & Langley

Econo Self Storage has two conveniently located storage facilities in Surrey and Langley with the best local rates for self storage units and vehicle storage parking spaces. We rent storage space on a month-to-month basis, which allows you to take all the time you need to move, renovate, organize or travel.


But how much space do you need? Let our storage unit size and space estimator help you decide.


Storage Your Way – You Be the Judge

You are the best judge of how much space you need and how you want to pack your unit. For example, if you plan on using some of the items stored, then you need to have an aisle left free to reach them.


So a great starting point for gauging your storage unit size is by evaluating your possessions and use of storage space. Below we have included suggestions on what might fit in our storage units, based on the realistic size and number of stored items.


5 x 5 Indoor Storage Unit

This storage unit is like a small walk-in closet. You can store the overflow of your household items, such as seasonal clothing, children's toys, skis, small furniture items, Christmas decorations or business records.


5 x 10 Indoor Storage Unit

This storage unit is more like a large walk-in closet or large enough to store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. This unit is ideal to store seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, bikes, yard equipment and patio furniture.


10 x 10 Indoor Storage Unit

This storage unit is the size of a standard one-car garage. It can hold the entire contents of a two-bedroom apartment, including appliances, furniture and boxes.


10 x 20 Indoor Storage Unit

This storage unit is the size of a two-car garage. This storage space will easily hold a large three-bedroom home or apartment with major appliances, furniture and assorted boxes.


Additional unit sizes are available. Call or stop by for more information.


Econo Self Storage Saves You Space & Money

Renting a unit that is too small will require you to move again and upgrade into a larger unit. Renting a unit that is too large will have you paying for wasted space. Econo Self Storage is here to provide you with the perfect storage solution at the best price.


Please call us for additional information or stop by to view our storage units in Surrey or Langley for yourself. Our staff is here to help you choose the size that works for you, and to ensure that you do not pay for more space than you actually need.


Econo Self Storage Unit Information

  • All units are a minimum of 8' in height
  • GST is applicable on all rentals 


Tips for Stress-Free Storage

Make storing your belongings a little simpler, easier and safer.


  • Before signing any lease, inspect your storage space. The space should be clean and well suited to your storage requirements.
  • Is the facility conveniently located for ease of access? Are their grounds secure, and are you able to access your storage unit as needed?
  • Ask for help from friends or family when moving heavy items.
  • Determine the packing supplies and accessories you may need to ensure you utilize your storage space efficiently and your items are packed to avoid damage.

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