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Make the Most of Self Storage in Surrey & Langley

Econo Self Storage wants to help every way we can to make moving your possessions in and out of storage as organized, safe and headache free as possible. Whether you are using our self storage in Surrey or Langley, be sure to consult with our staff if you need information or assistance. To help you get started, here are some of our useful storage tips.

How to Pack an Exceptional Storage Unit

Label All Boxes

  • Moving or renovating, label boxes by room
  • General storage, label boxes by contents or season

Pack Boxes Efficiently

  • Fragile Items
  • Place a layer of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box
  • Individually wrap each item with bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Fill in the empty spaces with packing popcorn or crumpled paper
  • Place an additional layer of bubble wrap on top
  • Clearly label the box “Fragile”

Heavy Items

  • Books or tools should be packed in small boxes so they are easier to lift
  • Fill in the empty spaces with packing popcorn or crumpled paper; partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse
  • Make an inventory of the contents of your unit for your convenience and reference

Packing the Storage Unit

  • Place a pallet, corrugated cardboard, mat or plastic sheet on concrete floors to prevent moisture absorption
  • Do not lean items against walls, as open perimeter space improves air movement through your unit for heating and ventilation
  • Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit for easier access
  • Stack boxes in rows with labels facing the walkway
  • Place boxes marked “Fragile” on top
  • Place frequently used goods nearest the door

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